The whipping cream

The whipping cream is an ideal product for bases, fillings and decorations. It provides maximum whiteness, yield, stability and texture in recipes.


The whipping cream easily mixes with other ingredients and allows the addition of liquids, without losing consistency. It can be used in several desserts and drinks, including adding it to the siphon, for a light and economical finish.


It comes ready to beat and it’s easy to spread. The whipping cream provides a super smooth finish and maintains creaminess, even when adding citrus.


It yields 4x more than handmade whipping cream and makes its production more economical and profitable. You do not need to add any other product to obtain the expected stability.

Technical information

The whipping cream can be stored for up to 180 days without refrigeration and for up to 2 days after being opened, as long as it is refrigerated at 39,2 °F. Its quality standard is above average, as it does not require the addition of solids, besides of guaranteeing the stability you need. It gets ready quickly: between 3 and 8 minutes of mixing, it already has a fluid texture, providing extremely smooth finishes and easy handling. The product is white and reaches the record time of up to 50 minutes when it comes to preparation time.

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  • Store the product in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place;
  • Keep in the refrigerator, 12h before use;
  • Do not expose the product to the sun, or bring it near equipment that emits heat;
  • Do you want some color? Try a little gel dye + fridge to get the ideal tone.

Advantages and benefits

Top 1 in all attributes

It covers up to 8 cakes (20 cm each)

High stability

Preparation time: 50 min/ on average

No addition of solids

As white as snow

It’s easy to spread

Best cost-benefit

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