LactoPro M

LactoPro M is a revolutionary, versatile, practical and economical product. A new concept in the production of dairy syrup base, popsicles and ice cream. Just cool, taste and produce!

Proper sterilization

Lactopro M is already pasteurized, homogenized and ripened, which guarantees an optimized and fast ice cream manufacturing. 


Since it is packaged in our revolutionary packaging, the LactoPro M has a long durability, up to 4 months, if stored correctly!


The LactoPro M guarantees high performance on the machine and even doubles in volume. Just mix it with the preferred flavoring to create a creamy ice cream with high melting resistance.

Technical information

LactoPro M is packaged, after going through the UHT process, in our shelf-stable packaging

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  • This product must not be frozen.
  • This product is not yogurt.
  • This product is not milk.
  • The package must not go to the microwave.

Advantages and benefits

Prolonged Melting

Double production



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