Culinary Cream

Culinary Cream is a product that combines the versatility of the UHT base with the flavor and texture of sour cream. It can be used in many dishes.

Proper sterilization

Culinary Cream goes through the UHT process and guarantees a quality base to produce various recipes. The product results in homogeneous mixtures with flavor, quality, agility and stability.

Product Shelf-Life

As it is packaged in our revolutionary packaging, Culinary Cream has high durability. It can be stored for up to 180 days without refrigeration and for up to 2 days after opening, provided it is refrigerated at 39,2 °F.


Culinary Cream has an extremely adaptable base and can be used in sweet, savory or acidic recipes. The product has the same results as a traditional table cream and can be used in desserts, sauces, coffees and other types of dishes and drinks, whether it’s hot or cold.

Technical information

The Culinary Cream is packaged, after going through the UHT process, in our shelf-stable packaging, which guarantees asepsis, quality and durability of the product.

It is intended for professional use and delivers results equal to those of traditional table cream.

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  • This product must not be frozen.
  • This product is not yogurt.
  • This product is not milk.
  • The package must not go to the microwave.

Advantages and benefits

Sweet and savory

It doesn’t go sour.

Professional use


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