Meet our product family

In addition to customized solutions, we have differentiated product lines. They combine quality, practicality, flavor, performance and profitability. We deliver products with innovative packaging and high quality standards, guaranteeing the necessary food safety and offering the best to our partners.

LactoPro V

It is a line of multipurpose dairy drinks that can be used in the most diverse desserts and drinks, such as ice cream, milk shakes and sundaes. It is available in the flavors: vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, milk

LactoPro M

It is a versatile, fast, economical product and ready to use, aimed to fasten the production of ice cream and popsicles. Just mix the LactoPro M to your preferred flavoring to create a creamy ice cream that will resist melting well and has high quality.

Culinary Cream

This product of vegetable origin has the same flavor and texture as traditional table cream in recipes. It accelerates the production of the dishes and provides stability, creaminess and flavor to savory, sweet and acidic recipes.

Whipping Cream

This product is ideal for bases, fillings and decorations. It comes ready to beat and guarantees maximum whiteness, yield, stability and texture in your recipes, offering easy application and a long preparation time.