Food Safety

Daus follows a strict food safety policy throughout its production chain, with a focus on the well-being of our customers and partners.

Food safety policy

We provide, with operational excellence, innovation and safety, food from profitable solutions for the Food Service market, respecting applicable statutory and regulatory requirements, through controlled processes, qualified suppliers and service providers, employee training and adequate communication with all stakeholders in order to continually improve SGSA confidence.

Quality and safety first

We control and inspect all stages of our manufactured products process and the facilities that make our activities viable daily, in order to maintain our food safety policy as a priority.

Raw materials control

We always look for the best partners, those who are committed to the quality and safety of the inputs supplied. We have a process certified by the BRCGS Standard certification program, recognized by the GFSI, which guarantees the highest controls in food safety.

Excellence in food safety audits

Our percentage of audits carried out at our partner stores reaches more than 90% approval. To mention some examples: 97.57% (Burger King), 96.70% (KFC), 95.91% (Bob’s) and 92.33% (Cacau Show).

Packaging as a key point

We are looking for supporters who have excellence in filling food products, such as Scholle IPN, which has developed a BIB (bag-in-box) solution, a modern and efficient technology in the Shelf-Stable aseptic packaging market. This solution can be stored for up to 180 days without cooling or, after being opened, for 2 days in the refrigerator. We fill up 1 thousand liters into our Big Bag machine, a great differential of the industry. We also have the support of Tetra Pak, whose carton packs have a security system with 6 different layers of plastic, aluminum and paper, preserving food for much longer.

In case of an event that violates the product,
call (+55) 0800 377 8009 immediately.