Learn more about the structure and responsibility of our team and learn about our code of ethics and conduct, our direct channel and our investors.

Structure and Responsibility

The Compliance process is formed by the Ethics Committee, the Compliance Officer and the Interlocutor. At Daus, this process is composed of the Compliance Officer, Mr. Theo F. de Esquerdo; the Legal Director, Mr. Alonso Martins W. Neto; and the Financial Director, Mr. Luis Gustavo G. Camargo.

Besides the first instance responsible, its governance is also governed by a second instance of responsibility, by another member of the Board of Directors: Mr. Guilherme Rochlitz Quintão, from the 2BCAPITAL Fund.

Compliance Officer

Responsible for the coherence and supervision of the Compliance process, with an independent and objective posture.

Ethics Committee

Responsible for creating and evaluating the Compliance process, as well as proposing improvements and adaptations.


Responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operation of the area and the multidisciplinary relationship between tasks.


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Direct Channel

Daus maintains an internal and external communication channel to learn, analyze and solve any issue related to the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Through the channel, it is possible to clarify doubts about interpretation and forward complaints of non-compliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, such as: corruption, bribery, fraud, aggression to the environment, false information, inadequate accounting records, misuse of company assets, behavior, unethical procedures and discrimination by race, color, religion, sex, physical or social condition.

Impartial and transparent, this channel guarantees the confidentiality of information, preserving the identity of the people involved, seeking to promote a better environment for all.

Code of Ethics

Discover our Code of Ethics and Conduct, available in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In it, we gather our objective, our organizational culture, the responsibility matrix and elucidate issues of general interest.




Governance and Investors

Daus has a corporate structure divided into two parts: 77.44% is part of OUROPAR and 22.56% is part of 2BCAPITAL.

Divisão de Participações e Investimentos SA, controlled by Geraldo Magela.

2bCapital is a Private Equity fund manager at Grupo Bradesco, providing capital to Brazilian companies with high growth potential in exchange for relevant minority interests. Its shareholders include Brazilian pension funds, in addition to Banco Bradesco itself.

Governors – Board

  • Geraldo Magela

    CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Daus. With 15 years of experience, Mr. Magela is a entrepreneur with strong strategic vision and execution capacity, transforming Daus, former Ourolac, into the largest beverage producer of UHT dairy products from Brazil. Your business vision and growth of the company made possible the entry investment funds 2BCapital and Siquler Guff.
  • Sérgio Chaia

    Former Chairman of the Board of Oticas Carol, Sergio was CEO of Nextel for 6 years, Sodexo Pass for 4 years and held the vice presidency of Symantec at Latin America. He is also president and educator on the Instituto Ser + Board, an NGO focused on recovery of young people at social risk and their insertion in the business market. Mr. Chaia also acts as C-Level coach, certified by Columbia University. Besides that, he gives lectures throughout Brazil and Europe, addressing the leadership theme. He is the author of book “Is it Possible?”, has a column about leadership in “Poder” magazine and “Valor Econômico” newspaper, serves on the board of the Condor Company and conducts mentions for fluted entrepreneurs a NGO Endeavor. He began his career in the area of sales at Johnson & Johnson and held positions of leadership in Marketing Sales and HR at Makro, Pfizer, Pepsi Cola, KFC and Sodexo.
  • Guilherme Quintão

    He has 17 years of experience in the private equity industry in Brazil and is specialized in providing capital growth for family businesses, through minority interests. Currently, Mr. Quintão is the director of 2bCapital, controlled by Bradesco Bank. Previously, he was a representative of Cartesian Capital Group in Brazil, where he remained for six years. He started his career in private equity in 1999, as an analyst at AIG Capital Partners. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering at Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and holds an INSEAD’s MBA (France).
  • Mario Ceratti Benedetti

    He graduated in Business Administration at FGV-SP in 1976. He did a technical course at the Meat Technology Institute, in Germany, in 1977. Mr. Benedetti made his career in the family company, “Frigorífico Ceratti”, being its main executive from 1992 until 2006. He had an AOTS scholarship from 1994 to 1997, having at that occasion studied Japanese management techniques (TQC, total quality control). He was also president of the employers’ union of meat category (Sindicarnes SP) during two management times (from 2003 to 2009).
  • Geraldo Magela Filho

    Entrepreuner and board certified by Institute IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Governance Corporate), Mr. Magela Filho acts as an executive in the areas of HR and Marketing at Daus with specializations in Management 4.0, negotiations and management of conflicts by INSPER. He has cash flow qualifications by FGV and domains in the legal and quality areas.
  • João Nery

    Production engineer with postgraduate degree in Economics from the Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), postgraduate in Reatil from the University os São Paulo (USP), MBA from Amana KEY, a program by IMD in Switzerland and advisor to administration formed and certified by IBGC (Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance). With 29 years of experience in business leadership in large-sized companies, he acted in the industrial capital goods for the mining sector (since he was a trainee, engineering manager until he was advisor to presidency in the coordination of training programs of strategy and management for total quality); in leaders worldwide retail and whosale, as VP of WNMart, Executive Director of Carrefour and COO and Member of the Executive Board of Directors of Makro SHV; in Real Estate and investment funds like COO and Member of the Executive Board of Directors of Agre Vendas; he is a Boards and of boards of directors. Today, he operates as Operating Partner of a Private Fund Equity, on 4 boards of directors and Advisor and Real Estate investor.

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